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Why Washcube

WashCube – all soccer balls’ best friend!

Why does a WashCube pay off for your club?

It’s quite simple: Right from the first washing you save money because you don’t have to buy new soccer balls that often. And those who save money can soon afford BETTER balls. As our tests prove since 2013, thanks to cleaning and refining in the WashCube, the balls can be used much longer. The clean and impregnated balls can also be used in training. In all leagues and age classes, it makes a big difference to play with better balls – not only in competition, but also in training: better visibility, better controllability, better anticipation!

Conclusion: The WashCube saves the club money and allows for using good balls longer and also in training!

The result when Football-lovers meet top-class German engineering and state-of-the-art technology? WashCube, the world’s first fully automatic cleaning and care system for soccer balls. 100% Innovation, 100% Made in Germany. Each WashCube is individually built from steel, with specifically designed brushes, intelligent control technology and an intuitive user interface. Welcome WashCube: soccer balls soiled by grass, ground or turf granules are a thing of the past! WashCube cleans, and impregnates thoroughly, gently and quickly – each time making the soccer balls look like brand new.

The WashCube is the world‘s first fully automatic cleaning and care system for soccer balls:

Benefits of WashCube:

  • Thorough cleansing and refining at the touch of a button
  • Special cleaning and impregnating agents for soccer balls
  • Removing granules, grass and soil spots
  • Care and Protection against getting dirty rapidly
  • Cleaning time depends on the ball (age/surface) and dirtying (grass/granules) between 20 seconds and 5.5 minutes