100% Clean.
100% Clean.
Washcube Ballreinigungseinheit

The world's first fully automatic cleaning and care system for soccer balls

The WashCube is the world‘s first fully automatic cleaning and care system for soccer balls:

• Thorough cleansing and refining at the touch of a button
• Special cleaning and impregnating agents for soccer balls
• Removing granules, grass and soil spots
• Care and Protection against getting dirty rapidly
• Cleaning time depends on the ball (age/surface) and dirtying (grass/granules) between 20 seconds and 5.5 minutes

convenient operation with touch panel including status indicator
4 washing programs – freely programmable
optimal care and protection for surfaces and seams
special cleaning and impregnating agents
works with common cold water and sewage hook-up
fits on the spot of a common washing machine
Nationwide service

Playing soccer on natural grass or artificial turf is often annoying, as you have to constantly deal with soccer balls as black as coal. Only a bright, clean soccer ball provides consistent properties, is quickly detected with the eyes – and truly mastered at critical moments.


„I recommend a WashCube to every club. The difference is really huge. After just one washing with the WashCube, the soccer balls not only look like new, but also feel like that.

It’s a difference that the players see and feel. No one likes to play with a dirty balls. Thanks to WashCube they always have the feeling to play with a new ball. That's really motivating, and has a clear effect on anticipation and control of the ball – not only for the technically gifted players."

quoting Hans Hoffmann, groundskeeper of PSV Düsseldorf e.V

Hans Hoffmann, groundskeeper of PSV Düsseldorf e.V. with adjunct Miro Becker

Players ...

... play under same conditions – in training and in competition

... anticipate and control a bright, clean ball faster and better at critical moments.

Clubs ...

... save money through the extended use of soccer balls

... show environmental responsibility by sustainable use of resources

... impress sponsors and players with an innovative soccer ball washing machine

Commercial vendors ...

... provide their guests with professional training conditions

... achieve the highest level of exclusivity

... increase sale with a paid cleaning service

The groundskeeper ...

… can clean the balls much more frequently – and saves a lot of time and effort every time.

Artificial turf vendors and producers ...

... offer their customers a supplementary product with WashCube

... get a smart solution to dirty soccer balls

... gain a competitive advantage over their competitors

... 17.432 soccer clubs in North America

... more and more of them install artificial turf fields for year-round playability

Sports facility developers ...

... innovative add-on product and enormous potential savings for planning and development of municipal sports facilities

... attractive range expansion for tendering.